How To Make Hawaiian Lei

How to Make Very Nice Hawaiian Lei for Your Luau Guests

A Hawaiian luau party can never be complete without guests wearing Hawaiian lei. The Hawaiian lei are a necklace of different colored flowers almost reaching your belly. This is a very traditional piece in Hawaii and this is mostly used when welcoming guests.

This article will give you tips on how to make Hawaiian lei using different types of materials.

hawaiian lei

If you want your Hawaiian lei to look very authentic, you can use the very traditional flowers – orchids. Orchids come in many types but the most used by the Hawaiians is the dendobrium orchid. To make the lei, you should have nylon strings and the special needle for making leis which is at least 3 inches to 4 inches long. You can buy this needle in craft stores or hobby stores. A more detailed lei making procedure will be elaborated in little while.

However, if you are not really very particular in making the lei very traditional looking, you can always use whatever flowers are available. Just make sure that they are big enough to be stringed. Aside from using fresh flowers, you can also make leis using crepe papers or other soft and manageable paper that can be folded to look like flower petals. This is normally used by grade school teachers, teaching their students on how to make lei.

The ways to make Lei

hawaiian-garland1. Find the flower’s hardest inner core. Insert the needle in the middle of the hard part so that the flower will not be detached from the lei necklace. You must insert the needle from the bottom.

2. Push the flower to the bottom of the needle and do this process until you have at least 5-6 pieces of flowers skewed to the needle.

3. You can now gently pull the needle and hold the flowers softly with your other hand while pulling them to the nylon string. Do this repeatedly until you fill the entire string with flowers.

Making leis is not as easy as you think because it really requires an amount of skill to perfect it. If you have a tight grip, there is a very big chance of you destroying the beautiful flowers.

Here’s a tip: before starting your homemade Hawaiian lei, try a few flowers first. 1 or 2 pieces will do and then try to move them into the string. If you are successful with a few flowers, gradually increase the number until you finally get the hang of it.

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