How to Make A Hula Skirt

How to Make a Traditional Looking Hula Skirt for a Luau

If you are hosting a luau party or have been invited to a luau on the other hand, you must instantly understand that you cannot just go to the party wearing just about anything you want. Of course you have to follow the theme of the luau party by dressing up just like the people of Hawaii.

How to Make A Hula SkirtIf you are a female, much better because all you need to do is get a hula skirt and pair it with a bikini top or a tank top if you are not that comfortable wearing the first one that I mentioned. You also do not have to spend that much just to get a hula skirt because you can always make one for yourself if you are not willing to purchase one.

Just a brief introduction about the history of the hula skirt: This clothing was first introduced in Hawaii during the early 1800. The Hawaiians normally uses the ti plant to make the hula skirt. However, you really do not have to get a ti plant just to make one today. During this modern age, you can use a lot of different materials to make a hula skirt and all of them are most likely to be available in crafts stores. The most common material to make this skirt is called raffia.

Here are the tips on how to make a homemade grass skirt or hula skirt:

  • Get the raffia material in a craft store. If you cannot find a craft store having this, your best bet is buying it from online stores. The good thing about this raffia material is it comes in the natural raffia type which is quite expensive, and the faux type which is usually made in nylon. The material is fun to work with especially the synthetic one because you are given with a lot of fun colors to choose from aside from the traditional beige, tan or other earthy colors.
  • Next is getting a one inch thick garter. Measure it around your waist and make sure to put at least an inch for the allowance. Sew both ends of the garter tightly so that you will not have any problems when it comes to garment malfunction.
  • Then start knotting each raffia string to the band just making sure that each knot is tight enough so that it will not fall of and each strand should also measure the same length.

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