How to make a Hawaiian Garland

How to Make an Attractive Hawaiian Garland Using Paper

hawaiian-garlandTo welcome guests, the Hawaiians use a long necklace of flowers that will be placed on the guests’ neck. This flower necklace is also called flower garlands or leis.

Since fresh flowers of the right size for garlands are not that easy to find most of the time, you can always use a different type of material which is equally beautiful as the fresh flowers if made perfectly. The material I am talking about is paper. Paper can be found almost everywhere. In fact you can also make a Hawaiian garland using tissue paper which you can see right inside your home.

This article will teach you the easiest, hassle free and most economical way to make a Hawaiian garland using the different types of paper.

The procedure of making Hawaiian garlands using Tissue Paper:

  1. Find rolls of tissue paper that you want to use. Tissue papers come in different colors and texture nowadays. Find the bright colored ones and the softest one for easy folding.
  2. Aside from the tissue paper, you must also make sure to have the following materials: string, pencil, scissors, and needle.
  3. Make sure to cut the tissue paper in squares as well but they can be cut evenly or unevenly.
  4. Use the pencil eraser tip and place it in the middle of the pre cut tissue paper. Twist the pencil until the tissue paper folds creating a flower image.
  5. Once the tissue is molded, string it to the nylon or any kind of string you wish to use. You can string the tissue paper by using a needle.
  6. Do this procedure repeatedly until you fill the entire string with tissue paper.

This project of making Hawaiian garlands using tissue paper will require a lot of time because of the very thin trait of a tissue paper. Imagine how many pieces of tissue paper will you use just to complete the entire necklace? But then, once you have finished it, I promise that your effort is all worth it.

Aside from tissue papers, you can also use crepe papers. With crepe papers, you can follow the same procedure as making the garland using a tissue paper. Otherwise, you can make flowers using crepes by cutting a least 1.5 inches thick strips of crepe. Then fold the crepe paper every half inch or even quarter of an inch following a circular motion until you form a flower.

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